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Death of Samuel Colt; Rebel Outrages
BROTHER JONATHAN - New York, NY - January 18, 1862
Appointment of Edwin M. Stanton
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4 pgs.,Brother Jonathan was originally published by Benjamin H. Day in 1842 as the first illustrated weekly newspaper in the United States. After great success in founding The New York Sun, Day was determined to revolutionize the weekly newspaper industry. He disliked the standards of contemporary newssheets which he felt were dull and characterless, especially compared to the innovative new British magazine Punch which featured the illustrations of Archibald Henning. Electing to use the name Brother Jonathan, an older, Revolutionary War-era version of Uncle Sam, the paper soon enjoyed massive popularity and a similar idea resulted in the creation of Harper's Weekly. Benjamin Day also pioneered the development of the London Plan in the United States, which had newspaper carriers purchase newspapers in bulk from the publisher before selling them to the public. This system was so effective, that it was soon adapted as the standard practice amongst US newspaper publishers and continues to this day. As an interesting piece of additional trivia, the illustration technique known as benday dots is named after Benjamin Day.

This issue of Brother Jonathan includes a great deal of news regarding the events of the ongoing Civil War. Numerous reports from the home front, including the political goings-on in Washington appear. Of particular interest are several articles involving relations between the United States government and the British government including comparisons of their naval strengths and a rough treatment of Mr. Russel of the London Times. Important non-front-page news stories include the appointment of Edwin M. Stanton as Secretary of War to replace Simon Cameron, the (incorrectly) reported deaths of Confederate diplomats James Mason and John Slidell, and the death of Samuel Colt, patenter of the revolver and millionaire firearms manufacturer. Also featured is a story told by Francois Thierry, a French political prisoner, of the horrors he endured in prison and his daring escape.

The most interesting articles featured are reports from the frontlines. A report of the "Rebel Outrages" committed by Confederate General Felix Zollicoffer's forces is reported on the front page and includes pillaging, raping, and murdering. General Ambrose Burnside is reported as departing with a large force from Fortress Monroe, Virginia with his expected destination listed as North Carolina. Further troop movements are also reported and the staff of Brother Jonathan appear to be very optimistic regarding the upcoming Union offensives.

This issue is in good condition with light toning throughout. Some minor stains appear, but none obscure text. Some tears, however the spine is intact. A great paper from a true publishing genius.

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