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January 1st, 1863 Issue
5 State of Alabama
Large Cotton Boll
5 State of Alabama<br>Large Cotton Boll Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CW-CU-SS-005
Price: $59.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
1 available for immediate delivery

Issued by the state of Alabama to help alleviate the shortage of small change caused by the Civil War, this little note features a well executed cotton boll as its central design, with the issuing authority in an arc above and the financial obligation below. The denomination (spelled out) consumes the entire left hand edge, while a numerical representation of the same amount appears in a geometric design in the upper right corner. The note is dated January 1, 1863 and was issued from the state capital at Montgomery (this was also the first capital of the Confederate States of America). Along the lower margin is the engraved signature of Jonathan Gill Shorter, the governor of the state. Though notes of higher denomination are generally hand signed, the small value and large output of these lesser denominations made it a waste of time and money to have even a secretary sign them.

This particular note is in un-circulated condition. Ink hazing and bleed through to the blank back are noted at the hand written serial number (due to the quality of the paper used and the high acid content of the ink). A sharp example of this fractional issue

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