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$2.00 Merchant Scrip, West Northfield, Massachusetts
Young Sailor
$2.00 Merchant Scrip, West Northfield, Massachusetts<br>Young Sailor Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CW-CU-NS-017
Price: $99.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
1 available for immediate delivery
Though we generally associate a shortage of small change with the Southern states, many areas of the North experienced a shortage also, especially during the early years of the Civil War. This particular note was printed to help relieve that shortage. The larger vignette, appearing to the left of center, depicts a somewhat effeminate looking young sailor, grasping the end of an oar at chest level. A wide brimmed hat and a puffy white shirt provide a sharp contrast to the dark hair and neckerchief. A peaceful sea dominates the background of the scene. The serial number, written in period ink, appears above. To the right of center, immediately below the denomination, is a smaller vignette featuring a seated female figure beside a pillar. Leaning at her side is a shield, upon which appears a muscular arm wielding a hammer. In the background, a sidewheel steamer passes from left to right. Below this scene, in the lower right hand corner of the note, is a fairly large dog’s head, typically used to symbolize fidelity and trust. Between the two principal vignettes is the financial obligation reading “For Value Received, Due the Bearer TWO DOLLARS, Payable in Goods at my Store, on Demand.” below which is a small vignette depicting an attractive young lady swimming in peaceful seas. A dotted line appears to the right of this vignette, to be signed at the time of issue by the merchant using the note. The city and date “West Northfield, January 1, 1862.” appears at the top center, neatly fitting between the serial number and the denomination. The back, as with many notes of the era, was left blank.

The offered note is in uncirculated condition, with sharp contrast and lovely eye appeal. The paper quality is good, with one thin spot near the center mentioned solely for accuracy. The margins are quite wide, an unusual occurrence for notes of this era, since wide margins only waste valuable paper. A small pencil notation appears in the lower right corner of the reverse, virtually invisible when the piece is viewed from the front (this could likely be erased if the purchaser wished). Overall dimensions are approximately 2.25 x 5.00 inches. A sharp looking note from this Franklin County town.

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