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$2.00 State of Louisiana
Holly Springs, Misissippi Back
$2.00 State of Louisiana<br>Holly Springs, Misissippi Back Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CW-CU-LA-014
Price: $139.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
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As noted with the other denominations in this series, these notes are among the most popular of the Louisiana issues, principally due to the necessity paper upon which they were printed. The central portion of the note features a lengthy financial obligation, printed in several different styles, which states that “Twelve Months after a definitive Treaty of Peace between the CONFEDERATE STATES & THE UNITED STATES THE STATE OF LOUISIANA Will pay TWO DOLLARS to the Bearer at the Treasurer’s Office”, followed by “February 24th, 1862”, the date of the authorization of this issue. Below this declaration are two signatures, the one at left reading “J H Peralta” and the one at right reading “B L Defreese” (Peralta’s signature was applied “for Auditor” and Defreese’s was done “for Treasurer”). Between these signatures is a small vignette depicting a beehive, a common theme of the era representing industry (bee’s are always busy), with “BATON ROUGE” printed in an arc above. A ¾ inch wide vertical strip appears at each end of the note, each one bearing three oval designs, the central one bearing a large “2” indicating the denomination (two circles, each enclosing a “2” for the denomination, are present within the financial obligation). A statement at the top center guarantees that the note was “RECEIVABLE FOR ALL DUES TO THE STATE & FOR PUBLIC LANDS”, a promise that the state was unable to fulfill by the close of the war. A dark green “2 TWO” security overprint appears in the lower central portion of the note adding a nice color contrast to the black printing of the piece. As with many notes of this era, no design was printed on back as it would only waste precious ink and nothing important would be added that did not already appear on the front. What makes this note particularly interesting is that it was printed on the back of a sheet of notes originally printed for use by the Exchange Office in Holly Springs, Mississippi. These attractive notes were printed with four notes on a sheet and, as with the Louisiana issues, they bore no design on the back. When the Exchange Office closed, there were many sheets of their currency remaining, and these were purchased by the state of Louisiana early in the war due to the shortage of high quality paper suitable for currency. The Mississippi sheets were rotated 90 degrees (so that there would be no confusion as to which note being circulated), and six Louisiana were printed on the back. These notes remained in circulation until the close of the war, though a later series of notes was printed and issued at Shreveport in 1864.

As with many notes of this issue, the presently offered note is in un-circulated condition, with sharp contrast and lovely eye appeal. The margins are somewhat tight, though all of the inner framelines are intact. Minor ink bleed through is noted from the front to the back, especially pronounced at the serial numbers. Light toning is present within the design, with close examination revealing that it was caused contact with another sheet while they were stacked in storage (areas where the vignettes are can be seen in the toning). This historic note measures approximately 2.5 x 6 inches and would make a great addition to any Civil War or Louisiana collection, especially since it shows the desperation that the state resorted to in regard to the paper used to print currency.

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