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Pre-war Soldier, Congressman, Secretary of War
T-72, 50 Confederate States Note
Confederate President Jefferson Davis
T-72, 50 Confederate States Note<br>Confederate President Jefferson Davis Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CW-CU-CS-006
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Issued under the Act of February 17, 1864, this little fractional piece is the smallest denomination printed and issued by the Confederate government during the four years of war. Since the South failed to produce any coins due to a lack of precious metals, these notes, along with fractional state and local issues, were used as change for any transactions less than one dollar (by this point in the war, there were not many items that could be found for under one dollar). The central vignette features a portrait of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in profile, enclosed in an oval, with wreath encircled medallions bearing the denomination on each side. Prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, Davis had served as a soldier, congressman, senator, and secretary of war within the United States government, as well as being a very successful planter in his home state of Mississippi. He would have the distinction of serving as the only president of the Confederate States of America. The issuing authority appears below, while the financial obligation appears both below and along the left hand edge. The engraved signatures of Robert Tyler and E. C. Elmore are printed at the lower left and right respectively (the 50 cent notes issued by the Confederacy are the only ones not actually hand signed). The imprint of Archer & Halpin of Richmond, Virginia appears vertically along the right edge. The back is blank. The note is printed on lesser quality pink paper, similar to that used on several bonds issued the previous year.

This particular piece is in un-circulated condition, with a tight margin at the upper right. Several minute pinholes are visible when the note is held to the light, though these are virtually invisible when it is laid flat. A must for every Civil War collection.

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