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Pre-war Soldier, Congressman, Secretary of War
T-57, $50.00 Confederate States Note
Confederate President Jefferson Davis
T-57, $50.00 Confederate States Note<br>Confederate President Jefferson Davis Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CW-CU-CS-004
Price: $275.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
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Issued under the Act of April 6, 1863, this colorful note features a well executed portrait of Confederate President Jefferson Davis at the center, surrounded by the issuing authority and the financial obligation. Prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, Davis had served as a soldier, congressman, senator, and secretary of war within the United States government, as well as being a very successful planter in his home state of Mississippi. He would have the distinction of serving as the only president of the Confederate States of America, though he originally sought a significantly lesser position. Plagued by constant shortages and surrounded by inefficient individuals, Davis' shortcomings as a chief executive were magnified, leading to the eventual downfall of the Confederacy. Near the close of the war, Davis fled Richmond but was captured in Irwinville, Georgia on May 10, 1865. After spending 2 years in prison at Fort Monroe, Virginia and a number of years traveling abroad, Davis settled near Biloxi, Mississippi and wrote his monumental work entitled The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government (1881). Each of the upper corners of the note is dominated by a large circular medallion with the denomination inside, while the entire note is framed by a thin geometric border. A bright green overprint covers much of the lower portion of the note, divided at the center by the portrait of Davis. The serial numbers are printed in red, as is the actual date of issuance for the note (in this case August, 1863). The back of the note features an intricate geometric design printed in green ink, with very large margins surrounding the central element. The note was printed by Keatinge & Ball in Richmond, Virginia and bears their imprint on the front at left.

Technically un-circulated, this piece has two cut cancellations, one on each side of the portrait. These were done when the note was replaced by a later issue, though this piece may have remained safely in a vault, accounting for its lack of circulation. No paper has been lost due to the cancellations, and they are almost invisible unless the note is held to the light. An above average example of this attractive issue.

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