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Attorney General, Secretary of War, Secretary of State
Criswell 43A, Ball 111 - $100 Act of August 19, 1861
CSA Cabinet Member Judah P. Benjamin
Criswell 43A, Ball 111 -  $100 Act of August 19, 1861<br>CSA Cabinet Member Judah P. Benjamin Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CW-BD-CS-002
Price: $95.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
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The central vignette of this bond features a portrait of Judah P. Benjamin, arguably one of the most influential men in the entire Confederate cabinet. During the four years of the Confederacy, he served successively as Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State, and was among the last members of the cabinet to leave Richmond at the fall of that city. Fearing for his safety following the war, Benjamin fled to Great Britain and became a respected member in the British legal system. Benjamin's portrait appears in an oval flanked by floral designs, with the issuing authority above and the financial obligation below. A rectangular border, highlighted by the denomination and several floral bouquets, encloses the main instrument, with 27 interest coupons (arranged in rows of 6 each) appearing below. The bond is dated March 10, 1863 and is signed at the conclusion "C. T. Jones" (Charles T. Jones) in his capacity as Acting Register of the Treasury. Jones was permitted to sign Confederate bonds only when the register, Robert Tyler, was absent from the office. Each of the attached coupons is hand signed by Miss S. J. Adams, a female employee of the Confederate Treasury Department. The bond was printed by Blanton Duncan in Columbia, South Carolina and a total of 1200 were issued in early 1863.

This piece displays several storage folds and light foxing, a common situation among these larger sized documents. Though the main instrument is well margined, the coupons are very close to the edge due to their wider design. Overall measurements are approximately 13.25 x 15 inches when the coupons are fully extended.

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