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An Alphabetical Imaged Key and Descriptions of the Endorsements on and Issuers of T-39, T-40, & T-41 Confederate Treasury Notes
Confederate Issuers of Train and Hoers Notes
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As mentioned in the subtitle of this work, the primary focus of the book is to list the endorsements of the known issuers of the T-39, T-40, and T-41 $100 Confederate Treasury notes, and provide images for each of the individuals. Toward this end, Mr. Michael McNeil, with the assistance of many collectors, has succeeded admirably. The issuers are presented in alphabetical order, followed by their position (and therefore, their reason for issuing these notes), as well as any biographical and anecdotal information that is available. A high quality color illustration of the front and back of an example of each issuer will assist the reader in identifying notes signed by the various individuals that may be residing in their own personal collections, as well as arming them with additional information when they attend their next show. Where the author has felt it necessary, he has included an enlarged view of the signature to make it easier to see and identify. Following the listing of issuers are several short additions which add to the reader’s overall understanding of these notes, as well as several lists compiled by the late Robert Ares, a highly distinguished researcher of these issues. Sadly, there is no index at the conclusion, which, while not necessary for the individual signers (presented alphabetically), may have proved helpful for quick reference to units or other individuals mentioned in the text. As the reader may surmise, this 286-page book is heavily illustrated, with images appearing on virtually every page. This newly published work (2010) is printed on high quality paper and is quite well bound. This is the author’s second book on the signatures that appear on Confederate currency, his first being “The Signers of Confederate Treasury Notes, 1861-1865”, and it is a strong possibility that this new book will equal, if not surpass, the popularity of his earlier work. A fascinating and informative book for anyone interested in these intriguing Confederate issues.

McNeil, Michael. Confederate Issuers of Train and Hoer Notes, An Alphabetical Imaged Key and Descriptions of the Endorsements on and Issuers of T-39, T-40, & T-41 Confederate Treasury Notes. Colorado: CC&A, 2010.

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